Backup service

Before you face this sad situation...

Aren't you leaving an important data inside your PC? Unpredictable Natural Disaster!

"Backup Service" by Future Spirits Thailand is very "Simple & Easy"!
Automatic saving of data in customer's system

Collecting specified directory in the specified IP address server at our backup server automatically. Default providing capacity is 20GByte. Within 20GByte, Retrieving timing and generation can be specified in accordance with directory capacity specified by customers. In case of exceeding maximum generation, automatically deleting in order of the old generation. For storage exceeding 20GByte, please consult with us.

The server or data for storage should have a global IP address and it should be permitted to access from our IP address.

"Backup Service" by Future Spirits Thailand is "Safe & Secure"!

Customers are also able to retrieve data.

All the backup data inside our secured server can be downloaded anytime!

  • ■ Please inform us the data you want to retrieve. Please specify date and time too. *We shall ask you to follow identity verification procedure for security.
  • ■ One time password will be issued via WebDAV to retrieve data.
  • ■ Please keep the retrieved data carefully at yours.
【Service name】 Backup service
【Backup capacity】 20GB〜  *Please consult with us when exceeding the capacity.
【Sales price】 Initial fee: none
【Monthly fee】 14,000THB
【Period of service】 12 months*Providing annual contract. *Payment will be yearly. Please consult for the other payment cycle.

Function provided by customer Function overview Specification(Supposing not to provide control panel)
Specifying object to back up ・Specifying backup object folder by folder. ・Specifying on hearing sheet at the time of application
・Back up all specified folders
・Receiving change request via email.
Backup cycle ・Specifying backup number per day in time.
Ex) Executing backup at 06:00
・Basically once a day (In case of increasing, need to consult every time.)
・Specifying time on hearing sheet at the time of application.
・Receiving change request via e-mail.
Number of generations for backup Specifying how many generations to be backed up.
Ex) One generation for daily backup
・Maximum up to backup capacity.
・Specifying number of generation on hearing sheet.
・Receiving change request via e-mail.
Download Returning backup data to the customer. ・Asking customer to download during a certain period by using WEBDAV etc and issuing one time password every time.
Application method

Please download the application form(website) or receive it from our staff, and apply by either below if below methods.

Please send the document in most convenient way for you!