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March 26, 2018

Future Spirits and Cyber ​​Security Cloud Sale of cloud-type WAF security service "attack blocking kun" in Southeast Asia

Future spirits and cyber security cloud business tie-up regarding overseas deployment
Cloud-type WAF security service "attack blocking kun" (English name shadankun) is launched in
Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam

Future Spirits Co., Ltd. (Headquarters of Future Spirits: Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto City / Representative Director: Tani Takahisa), which develops IT infrastructure business, cloud service business, etc. and Cyber ​​Security Cloud Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya- Director: Tsuyoshi Ohno, hereinafter "Cyber ​​Security Cloud") has tied up business development concerning overseas markets, and through the overseas subsidiary of Future Spirits, we will cloud the cloud type WAF * 1 service " Cyber ​​Security Kun" provided by Cyber ​​Security Cloud Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

◆ Service Features
"Blocking attack" is a SaaS type of security service that protects websites against attacks that exploit vulnerabilities in web applications. It also supports SQL injection, cross site scripting, brute force attack and detects / blocks various unauthorized intrusions that normal firewalls and IPS / IDS can not deal with, preventing attackers from tampering with the site.


As of September 2017, "cyber security cloud" which cyber security cloud started service provision in December 2013 was introduced to more than 4,000 sites in total, and cumulative total number of introduction companies, number of total introduction sites No. 1 in Japan Has been achieved. ※ 2

Background of service provision In
Japan, cyber attacks against companies, government agencies, etc. are no longer routine, and information leakage and hacking cases are reported as everyday. According to "2017 Survey of Security Survey in Corporate Organizations" announced by Trend Micro Co., Ltd., the annual damage amount of security accidents reached an average of 231.77 million yen. ※ 3

As a result of these circumstances, the information security investment of domestic enterprises is progressing, and as a result, the information security market in Japan has shown a remarkable growth. According to IDC Japan, the security product market size in 2016 will be 283.9 billion yen, which is expected to grow to 347.7 billion yen in 2021. ※Four

Worldwide, the importance of information security is increasing more and more, and the scale of information security market is expanding. According to a survey report by Frost & Sullivan on WAF, the market size of WAF in the information security market is about 21.6 million dollars in 2012, but it is expected to grow to 388.1 million dollars in 2020. ※ 5 However, many of the current WAF services are developed and sold by network equipment manufacturers and CDN service companies, and it is not a service that anyone can use easily in terms of installation time and operation cost.

Future Spirits has decided to sell "attack blocking kun" at each of Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam's bases, considering the popularity of "attack blocking kun" which we dealt with in Japan from 2016, Cyber ​​Security We have agreed with the cloud.

Future Spirits will start offering "attack blocking kun" for both local Japanese companies and local companies from today. "Blocking attack" has a high function as a WAF and a technical support system 24 hours a day, 365 days, while it has a reasonable flat fee system, it can start operation in a simple form. At Future Spirits, we plan to sell "attack blocking kun" with a dedicated server and VPS * 6 provided in Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnamese countries .

Through this sale, we are contributing to strengthening information security of companies operating websites in Southeast Asia, and contributing to the corporate philosophy of "utilizing IT to support corporate and individual communication activities, to realize a richer society" I will push forward to realization.

"Attack blocking kun" service fee structure (planned, all tax excluded)

Initial setting feeMonthly usage fee
Malaysia400 Ringgit600 ringgit / month
Thailand3,000 Baht5,000 Baht / month
Vietnam$ 100$ 150 / month

-------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------

* 1) IPS (Instruction Prevention System) is a system that prevents unauthorized intrusion by a malicious user Detect and take defensive measures. WAF (Web Application Firewall) is a system that prevents attacks against Web sites and Web applications.
※ 2) Market survey on "cloud type WAF service" (as of August 25, 2017)(Survey in August 2017)
* 3)
# 4) Jp / Press / Current / 20170605Apr.Html
※ 5) Frost Ando Sullivan report "Web Application Firewall (WAF) Global Market Analysis -New Technologies And Threats Collide to Create Expanded Opportunities-"
※ 6) VPS (Virtual Private Server) is, one The logical servers of physical servers that can be provided and made available as virtual dedicated servers.

_MG_9986.png Left: Cyber ​​Security Cloud Representative Director Takeshi Ohno
Right: Future Spirits Representative Director Tani Takayama

■ Company Profile
Co., Ltd. Future spirits
- Representative: TaniTakashi large
- Established: January 2000
· Capital: 100 million yen
· URL:
· Business contents:
mainly in the IT infrastructure business, the cloud including cloud type form creation service We develop production business such as service business, web site development, web application development, smartphone application development. In addition, overseas group companies (China, Thailand and Malaysia) are developing hosting services for Japanese companies and local companies using local data centers.

Cyber ​​Security Cloud Co., Ltd.
· Representative: Hiromu Ohno
· Established: August 2010
· Capital: 335.5 million yen (including capital reserve)
· URL:
· Business contents:
Cyber ​​Security Business
(1) Development, operation, maintenance and sale of Web security services
(2) Cyber ​​attack countermeasure consulting
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■ Contact
inquiries regarding this matter, please send to the following.

Future Spirits
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Cyber ​​Security Cloud
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